ACMI and Games for Change Asia-Pacific present

Games for Change Asia-Pacific Immersive Arcade @ ACMI

Wed Oct 4th | 10am-5pm

ACMI – Melbourne

Presented by ACMI, the ‘Games for Change Asia-Pacific Immersive Arcade’ is an extraordinary gathering that showcases the transformative potential of video games in fostering positive social impact and driving meaningful change. This session serves as a dynamic platform where innovative studios converge to present their groundbreaking creations, designed to address various real-world challenges and inspire collective action.

The event features a remarkable lineup of studios, each renowned for their exceptional contributions to the realm of socially conscious gaming. Hailing from Malaysia, CtrlD Studio presents their immersive narratives that seamlessly blend entertainment and education, promoting empathy and critical thinking among players. 

ABC Education brings their expertise in crafting interactive experiences that engage learners of all ages, promoting learning through play in their latest production GOAT Maths, a collection of teaching tools for teaching important maths concepts and strategies.

Chaos Theory Games, a prominent participant from Sydney, demonstrates their commitment to meaningful gaming by spotlighting titles that tackle pertinent issues like mental health awareness and environmental sustainability. Their innovative approach intertwines gameplay with advocacy, encouraging players to explore new perspectives while having fun.

Hailing from Melbourne, Opaque Media showcases their cutting-edge virtual reality creations, which transport players to worlds where empathy and understanding are paramount. By leveraging the immersive power of VR, Opaque Media’s titles have the potential to evoke strong emotional connections and promote positive behavioral changes.

The ‘Games for Change Asia-Pacific Immersive Arcade’ isn’t just a showcase; it’s an opportunity for game developers, industry professionals, educators, and the general public to engage in meaningful conversations about the role of gaming in social change. Attendees can experience firsthand how these studios are pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming to create immersive, emotionally resonant experiences that inspire action beyond the screen.

The event’s collaborative atmosphere fosters the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices among participants, facilitating the growth of a vibrant community dedicated to using games as a force for good. As attendees immerse themselves in these innovative games, they’ll witness how the convergence of technology, storytelling, and social impact can drive positive transformation in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
Part of Melbourne International Games Week 2023.